Tips For Making A Dunk Tank Fundraiser A Success

If you are hosting a fundraiser that involves a dunk tank, you likely want to make sure that you make enough money back to pay off the dunk tank rental and still make money for the organization that you are trying to support. Here are some tips for making sure that your dunk tank fundraiser is as successful as possible. 1. Get a Variety of Well-Known People Your first step is to get a variety of well-known people to volunteer as people willing to be dunked. [Read More]

Summer Learning: 3 Ways To Help Teach Children Spanish

Building up language skills is great way to help your children reach out to different cultures and learn about the world. Instead of waiting for Spanish class when school starts up, summer is a great time to teach children Spanish and expand their knowledge. Instead of going straight from a textbook, there are three fun ways to help teach Spanish during the summer. Each of these methods will teach basic concepts and different aspects of the language. [Read More]

Jazz Up Your Child's Birthday Party With These 6 Balloon Decorating Tips

Just about every kid loves brightly colored balloons, and what better time to use them than for your child's birthday party. You can purchase inexpensive latex balloons in a large package or buy the individual Mylar balloons if you wish. For adding a personal touch or decoration, latex balloons work best. Rather than recycle the same hum-drum ideas, get creative and make those balloons really pop (figuratively speaking, that is). Here are unique and creative ways to decorate with balloons: [Read More]

How To Prevent Alcohol From Ruining Your Next Team-Building Outing

Team-building activities foster workplace cohesiveness and boost productivity. Unfortunately, intoxicated employees can create ugly scenes that may ruin your team-building plans or even lead to injuries. If you are planning a team-building outing, use these precautions to prevent alcohol from ruining your company event: Don't Make Alcohol the Main Focus If alcohol is going to be served, try not to make it the main focus of your outing. Rather, drinking should be just one of the activities during the outing. [Read More]